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Brand: RCF
Article number: TT 1-A II

  • 131 dB max SPL
  • 800 W Class-D two-channel amplifier
  • 90° x 60° constant directivity coverage
  • FiRPHASE for 0° phase response
  • 131 dB max SPL
  • 800 W Class-D two-channel amplifier
  • 90° x 60° constant directivity coverage
  • FiRPHASE for 0° phase response
  • Heavy-duty touring cabinet
  • 32 bit – 96 kHz processing
The TT 1-A provides an extremely high-power output of 131 dB SPL max with low distortion in a vented two-way enclosure. The two-channel, class D power amplifier yields a total power output of 800 W RMS with FiRPHASE 0° linear phase DSP processing, a complete set of protection circuitry and onboard RDNet for remote control and monitoring. The speaker features a neodymium 10” woofer and a 3,0” voice coil, titanium dome compression driver on a large, 90° x 60° constant directivity horn.


NETWORKED CONTROL AND MUCH MORE RDNet is a robust management network and control platform for small, medium and large arena-sized sound systems, as well as complex and extended installations. Based on a proprietary network protocol, RDNet provides intuitive control and monitoring of every connected device/object in the RCF audio system. Each device has DSP to address specific presets or modifications of parameters to single or groups of objects. A network user can change level, delay, EQ (linear phase FiR as well) and other settings, including advanced subwoofer configurations. RDNet is not only designed for loudspeakers—you can control parameters and routing of multiple RCF devices, such as digital matrixes or amplifiers.


Two-channel Class-D amplifier with 800W total power output for an exemplary performance operating with high efficiency into a lightweight solution. TT+ amplifiers deliver an ultra-fast attack, realistic transient response, and impressive audio quality.

ENGINEERED FOR MAXIMUM RELIABILITY The amplifier housing is tightly fitted and sealed to the rear of the cabinet. A recessed and protected panel houses the connections for power, signal and control.

INPUT BOARD The analog input board is fully featured offering XLR input and output link, preset selections, and a pre-loaded equalization bypass switch. EtherCON input and output connect the system in a daisy chain topology for RDNet networked management.

REAR PANEL The rear panel features a simple rotary encoder with a push switch that controls all speaker functions. A bright display helps the system setting. The only switch on the panel sets local or remote control. A simple command from RDNet totally disables the input panel.


The amplifier incorporates a low noise 96 kHz, 32-bit floating-point DSP circuitry to compute FiRPHASE, soft clipping limiters, RMS limiters, polarity, amplitude, timing, and equalization. All the control settings, monitoring of each component and other advanced features are integrated in the RDNet Networked Management software.


The cabinets feature recessed die-cast aluminium side handles powder coated with rubber hand-grip, designed to facilitate transport positioning and loading operations. A bottom pole socket allows the use of the speaker as a point source speaker on a stand or subwoofer pole. A variety of rigging options is available, between six Flying Tracks eyelet mounting rail on the upper and lower sides and four lateral Quick-Fit rigging points.

WEATHERPROOF CABINET The speaker cabinet is made of high-quality Baltic birch plywood with a special adhesive to glue every layer; this makes the cabinet completely water-resistant even before the special polyurea paint, applied to create a very thick full coating of the cabinet, making the speaker highly resistant to scratches, bumps, sun, and extreme weather conditions.

HEAVILY BRACED INTERNAL STRUCTURE The internal structure is heavily braced to survive long term use and transportation. All the parts are assembled on metal inserts with metric screws. The amplifier is housed in a separate chamber from the transducers to offer the best efficiency and reliability.


RCF speakers are designed using a proprietary and advanced FiR filtering technology, conceived to deliver transparent sound, absolute clarity and perfect stereo images to the listener.

The special FiRPHASE filters allow to achieve coherent distribution of sound for all listeners without phase distortions, ensuring minimum latencies to the system.

  • Acoustical specifications
    • Frequency Response: 55 Hz ÷ 20000 Hz
    • Max SPL @ 1m: 131 dB
    • Horizontal coverage angle: 90°
    • Vertical coverage angle: 60°

  • Transducers
    • Compression Driver: 1 x 1.4” neo, 3.0” v.c
    • Woofer: 10” neo, 3.0” v.c

  • Input/Output section
    • Input signal: bal/unbal
    • Input connectors: XLR
    • Output connectors: XLR
    • Input sensitivity: +4 dBu

  • Processor section
    • Crossover frequencies: 900 Hz
    • Protections: Thermal, RMS
    • Limiter: Soft Limiter
    • Controls: Gain reduction, RDNet local setup/bypass, time delay, Presets (linear, close, far listening, High – Pass), RDNet on board
    • RDNet: Yes

  • Power section
    • Total Power: 1600 W Peak, 800 W RMS
    • High frequencies: 500 W Peak, 250 W RMS
    • Low frequencies: 1100 W Peak, 550 W RMS
    • Cooling: Convection
    • Connections: Powercon IN/OUT

  • Standard compliance
    • CE marking: Yes

  • Physical specifications
    • Cabinet/Case Material: Baltic birch plywood
    • Hardware: Installation/Rental fittings
    • Handles: 2 side
    • Pole mount/Cap: Yes
    • Grille: Steel
    • Color: Black

  • Size
    • Height: 566 mm / 22.28 inches
    • Width: 333 mm / 13.11 inches
    • Depth: 370 mm / 14.57 inches
    • Weight: 25.4 kg / 56 lbs

  • Shipping informations
    • Package Height: 690 mm / 27.17 inches
    • Package Width: 480 mm / 18.9 inches
    • Package Depth: 430 mm / 16.93 inches
    • Package Weight: 28 kg / 61.73 lbs

Additional information

Weight28 kg
Dimensions430 × 480 × 690 cm

Frequency Response

Max SPL @ 1m

Horizontal coverage angle

Vertical coverage angle

Compression Driver


Input signal

Input connectors

Output connectors

Input sensitivity

Crossover frequencies





Total Power

High frequencies

Low frequencies



CE marking

Cabinet/Case Material



Pole mount/Cap







Package Height

Package Width

Package Depth

Package Weight